The NerdRage Podcast Episode 33: Year 2! (Marvel, Games & Miscellaneous)


It’s Year 2!!!

Can you believe we made it this far!?

Ryan and Brad had a lot to cover over the past week, so we jammed everything into 2 separate episodes!

For this half of episode 33, Ryan and Brad the “Skype-Man Hype-man” talk about such awesome topics as the introduction of Ghost Rider into Agents of SHIELD, Donald Trump becoming MODOK, God of War 4, and James Earl Jones returning to Star Wars!

If you’re looking for The Big Talk about Pokémon GO or our usual DC coverage, be sure to check out the 2nd half of episode 33, which you can download as soon as this episode posts!

Thank you for listening as always and telling your friends about us!
There’s plenty more to come in Year 2!

(Keep an eye out for our San Diego Comic Con Special coming soon!)

Download the Show HERE

(Originally Published July 27, 2016)


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