The NerdRage Podcast Episode 32: Nerd Rage Weekly – Episode 32: Hydra Captain America and More Finales!


Hey guys!

It’s the last week of our 1st Year as a Show! We apologize for some of the dated material in this one, but that’s what happens when you go on big trips!

Thank you all for everything you’ve done for us in Year 1, and we promise to get bigger and better for year 2! (And back on a regular schedule)

For this episode, Ryan and the “Skype-Man Hype-Man” Brad Liermann are back to give you all the news that you know and love! We discuss The Flash film getting a new director, Disney panicking over Rogue One, and The Controversy of Hydra Captain America!

This week’s Big Talk is all about The Flash and Arrow Season Finales!
Ryan and Brad have a very heated discussion about what worked and what didn’t this year, and we hope you enjoy the banter!

Again, thank you all for an amazing year, and we hope to make our show even bigger and better as we head into year 2!

~The Nerd Rage Podcast

Download the Show HERE

(Originally Published July 14, 2016)


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