The NerdRage Podcast Episode 30: Cancellations & TV Shake Ups!


Hey Everyone!

Its another awesome week as we head into Summer! Full disclosure, we’re playing a little catch up here, but we’re having a great time making a ton of episodes before we head out west to the E3 Convention in Los Angeles!

For this week’s episode, Brad and Ryan get together to discuss Supergirl going to the CW, Simon Kinberg talking about the future of FOX/Marvel films, and that Assassin’s Creed Trailer along with so much more!

Our Big Talk for this week is the massive TV Cancellations that shocked (and in some cases delighted us) as we wrap up the 2015 Season for TV this year!
Thank you guys for all the strong support you give us week after week!

In the coming month, we’re putting together a bunch of fun stuff and special episodes that we know you’ll love!

News Talk: 00:00 – 99:28
Big Talk: 99:29 – 130:03

Download the Show HERE
(Originally Published June 04, 2016)


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