The NerdRage Podcast – Episode 29: Marvel’s End of The World Scenarios & Hollywood Racism


What’s up everyone!?

It’s Civil War Week! Are you ready?

Before you hit your local theater this week, Ryan Anderson called up Ryan Geary for one of our best shows yet! (and with a new format no less…)

This week we talk about everything from the 67 characters in Marvel’s Infinity War films, Willem Dafoe being added to Justice League, Hollywood’s age old issue of racism, and the return of Jason Bourne!

This week’s Big Talk, (as voted on by you the fans) was to hear our pitches for Comic Book TV Shows that Need to be Made!

Thank you guys for guys once again for getting us to over 100 downloads in less than 4 days! Keep spreading the news to your friends and we promise to keep up the good shows! 🙂

(Also, if you could help give our show any spare change or dollars you have to show your thanks, please send it to so that we can make this show bigger and better!)

You guys are the best! Enjoy Civil War! (Expect a “Reacts” episode)

Download the Show HERE
News Talk: 00:00 – 105:40
PRL Podcast Promo: 105:40 – 106:20
Most Wanted TV Shows Talk: 106:20 -130:09
(Originally Published May 06, 2016)


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