The NerdRage Podcast – Episode 28: A Marvel/DC Switch & Rogue One Reactions!


We’re back with an all new episode and much more to come!

In this episode, we had so much to talk about!  Brad and Ryan got together to discuss a famous Marvel actor going to a DC property, A DC actor going to Marvel, tons of trailers, and we gave our thoughts on why Freeform Network could be the CW for Marvel!

This week’s Big Talk is all about the epic “Rouge One: A ‘Star Wars’ Story” trailer!  Ryan and Brad run through all the key points of this trailer and try to point out details you may have missed!

If you enjoyed this episode, come back soon for a whole new one!

Thanks for listening!

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News Talk: 00:00-108:35

Rouge One Talk: 108:35-138:36

Download the Episode HERE!


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