Super Kick Society – Episode 3: Wrestlemania Roundup!


We’re back from Texas and the “Grandest Stage Of Them All” to give you a full blown Wrestlemania episode!

So much happened from Roadblock to the Raw after Mania that we just had to talk about it all! We break the show up into 4 parts so that you can listen and recap the events you wanna listen to.

For this episode, Ryan, Dylan, and Christian give their thoughts on why Roadblock may have been pointless, The Hall of Fame was fun but went way too long, Wrestlemania was better than expected, and the Raw after Mania was as entertaining as you’d expect!

We have so much to talk about, so sit back and enjoy the show!

New episode coming after WWE Payback!

Roadblock Talk: 00:00 – 26:35
Hall Of Fame Talk: 26:36 – 46:06
WrestleMania Talk: 46:08 – 98:30
Raw Talk: 98:31 – 115:03

Listen to the Episode HERE!


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