The NerdRage Podcast – Episode 26: The Return of Spider-Man!


Happy Monday to all our Listeners!

Thanks for sticking with us while we were making other content! We heard your emails and your tweets, and we’re proud to give you an all new Nerd Rage Weekly!

For this week’s episode, Ryan is joined once again by the awesome Brad Liermann. We talk about Zach Snyder wanting to do a George Washington film in the style of “300”, Joseph Gordon Levitt leaving the Sandman film, JK Simmons being cast in an upcoming superhero film, and the return of the 80’s Ninja Turtles!

This week’s Big Talk is about Spider-Man! Brad and Ryan discuss the reveal of Spider-Man in the latest trailer for Civil War, the way Sony is handling the character, and if Marvel is going to make Spider-Man the star attraction in their cinematic universe once again!

As always, thanks for listening! We have big plans for the show coming soon!

News Talk: 00:00 – 97:41

Spider-Man Talk: 97:42 – 126:21

Click HERE To Download!!


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