The Drunken Dork Podcast – Episode 81: The Walking Drunk


Join your intrepid Drunken Dorks as they discuss a whole new batch of topics, such as:

The best way to ruin both mac & cheese AND mashed potatoes

Major setbacks for not one but TWO films

Rumors of a certain cameo in the upcoming Wonder Woman film

The best possible Commissioner Gordon might lead to the worst possible J. Jonah Jameson

Sony continues their recent tradition of crapping the bed

And we finish up with a discussion of The Walking Dead episode, “Not Tomorrow Yet”.

But wait!  That’s not all!  Stick around as we play the responses from our friends across the pond, Open All Powers Podcast, as they complete our mini-crossover by responding to our questions!  Be sure to listen to them wherever finer podcasts are found & check out the site at

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Download the Show HERE:

Copyright 2016 Thomas Coe, Jacob Wilson, Travis Adle & Open All Powers Podcast

Theme Music Courtesy of Jackson F. Smith, via

Recorded March 07th, 2016



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