Couch Party Episode 36: The Drunken Dork Couch Party

Couch Party Cover 2- 1400x1400

In this ALL NEW Episode we Welcome Jake Wilson and Tom Coe from the Drunken Dork Podcast! That’s right a Couch Party with 2/3 of the Drunken Dork Podcast.  This is bigger than the Battle of the Network Stars! The guys discuss the Return of Shane McMahan to WWE.  The guys also discuss Kanye West, Beer, products they would like to see return and Terry Crews addiction to Porn.  Jake may have created a new weekly segment for the Couch Party and H.A.B. brings a new THUNDERDOME!  This is part 1 of a 2 part episode.  The second part can be found next week @thedrunkendork !


It’s ALL NEW! ALL FREE! You Just Have to CLICK and LISTEN!


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