The NerdRage Podcast – Episode 25: Crossovers! Crossovers! Crossovers!


It’s been an awesome week of making all sorts of new episodes that we know you’ll love! Also a big Thank You as always for getting our downloads up to as much as 200 an episode! You guys Rock!

For this week’s episode, Ryan is joined by returning friend of the show Brad Liermann. In this one we talk about the Batman V Superman batsignal for sale on Ebay, the fact that we’ll be getting Fast and Furious movies from now until 2021 at this rate, some videogame news about Danny Devito as Pikachu, Walmart getting a Graphic Novels section, and what you can do to bring shows like Young Justice back on the air!

This week’s Big Talk is about Crossovers! Brad and Ryan discuss the massive popularity that Versus matchups seem to have in today’s superhero media. Batman V Superman, Supergirl/Flash, Daredevil/Punisher, and Civil War are the big matchups of the year, and we talk about how successful they’ll actually be.

Thanks for listening, and be ready for a whole bunch of fun new content coming your way!

(Stay after the end music for our tribute to Joe Alaskey, the voice of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, who recently passed away)

News Talk: 00:00 – 79:55

Crossover Talk: 79:06 – 116:09

Download the Episode HERE:


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