The NerdRage Podcast – Episode 23: Some News, Some Tributes and The Best Films of 2015


We wanna thank you for listening and making our podcast the fun and crazy show that it is!

We’re so thankful that we’re giving you a bonus episode later this week!

As for this episode, Ryan Anderson is joined by his good friend and Batman aficionado, Ryan Geary! In this episode both Ryans discuss Batman Theories, Deadpool Sequels, Jonah Hex, shout out some One-Liners, and talk about so much more!

This week’s Big Talk is The Best Films of 2015! (Our Top 5)

It’s all here, and there’s a lot of laughs in this one!

Enjoy the Show!

News Talk: 00:00 – 113:30
Best Films Talk: 112:29 – 141:56

Stay tuned for our Tribute at the end to Alan Rickman and David Bowie!

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