Couch Party: Episode 06. Days of Future Drunk

Couch Party Cover - 1400x1400

In this week’s episode we introduce Matt to the program!  H.A.B., Tom, Abe, Guapo and Matt all discuss the new Fantastic Four Movie.  The guys pay tribute to Rowdy Roddy Piper.  The Deadpool Redband Trailer has been released and opinions are shared.  One of the greatest Hockey Teams of all time is remembered as well as the guys memories of growing playoff beards during their Stanley Cup winning run.  All of this and Matt even picks his favorit Ultimate Warrior!  All New!  All Free! Right Here! Just click and enjoy!

Download the Episode HERE:

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Copyright 2015 H.A.B.,Matt, Guapo, Abe Alguire & Tom Coe


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