Couch Party: Episode 05. Who Is Potato Top?

Couch Party Cover - 1400x1400
Join us for the fifth episode of our companion podcast, Couch Party:
In this week’s episode, H.A.B., Guapo & Abe discuss “Ant-Man”, and Abe gets a new addition to his name. The guys also discuss how much they wish the movie industry would just stream their movies to their house. H.A.B. gets excited at the possibility of a “Married With Children” spinoff. Underrated 80’s movies are also discussed (Note: A Wilford Brimley discussion is INVOLVED!). To end the episode, the guys provide you a special treat with one of Potato-Top Thompson’s first performances from the Tampa Improv! All this, and it’s absolutely free!
Download the episode HERE:
Be sure to follow the guys over at Twitter @Couch_Party, subscribe to them over at Stitcher & TuneIn Radio and be sure to leave them some feedback by emailing them at
Copyright 2015 H.A.B.,Guapo & Abe Alguire

Recorded July 31, 2015


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