Couch Party: Episode 03. Enter the Bulldog

Couch Party Cover - 1400x1400

Join us for the third episode of our companion podcast, Couch Party:

In this week’s episode, H.A.B., Tom, Nick, Abe and Bulldog discuss the big announcements and news stories coming out of the San Diego Comic Con.  The guys also discuss why H.A.B. is seen as a freak show when in public. Everyone discusses the new Ghostbusters movie, Wrestlemania III and the 3rd Ultimate Warrior.  All this and Bulldog tries to figure out what his Twitter Handle is.

Download the Episode HERE:

Be follow the guys over at Twitter @Couch_Party and be sure to leave them some feedback by emailing them at

Copyright 2015 H.A.B., Abe Alguire, Nick (The Smartest Man in the Room), Bulldog & Tom Coe

Recorded July 16, 2015


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