Episode 04. The Year 2023



Welcome to the year 2023. Tom is on his 3rd liver, Travis is a successful billionaire and Jake is dead.

How are we reading our comics? Do we even still have a choice in how we get them. In 2013 we had print, digital, and trades.

Content? Will we still have 10+ Avengers books? Will Batman and Wolverine still be in 30 books between the 2 of them. Are we still going to be so heavily focused on the same characters that we have for decades already or will there be an insurgence of new characters?

Indie vs big 2. Currently, Marvel and DC take about 75% of the market place, while the independent publishers fight over the scraps. What do we think it will look like in 10 years? There has been a lot growth in the indie market with books like Walking dead. We have even seen books like Hellboy and 300 turn into movie franchises. Could we see the emergent of a big 3rd company?

Movies? I have no doubt that comics will still be made into movies “that may or may not be seen in movie theaters Tom”. But will the Superhero movies finally be a thing of the past. Like westerns or hopefully romantic vampire movies?

Comic cons. We have seen amazing growth in Cons over the past few years. Heavily influenced by movies and our society finally embracing pop culture and all around geekyness. What is the next natural step? Cosplay cons, where its just a big dress up. Washed up actor/wrestler cons. Or will the bubble burst and we have to go back to flee markets where everything smells like caramel corn?

And the big scary question. Will they even bother. Now that both the big 2 are owned by such huge company’s like Disney and Warner brothers. Will they continue to make comics. In the long run, comics are barely a drop in the bucket for there bottom line. They don’t need to keep making comics in order to make cartoons and movies.

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Copyright © 2013 Thomas Coe, Jacob Wilson & Travis Adle.
Music Courtesy of Jackson F. Smith, via http://freemusicarchive.org/
Sound Effects Courtesy of http://www.freesfx.co.uk


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